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DecentWorld Announces Exclusive Giveaway Event for True Metaverse Enthusiasts

Having a great time in the metaverse has never been this easy. DecentWorld, a Swiss-based digital real estate metaverse, is launching its first 3D game. The coin-collecting minigame will combine mechanics and quest features common to such popular games as Super Mario and GTA. The launch is set to be the first of many exciting features to be added to the 3D metaverse, and DecentWorld’s creators say that users can expect the addition of several other minigames in the coming months.

The game’s official launch date is Tuesday, October 11th, 2022, at 12 PM Eastern Time (ET). During the event, users will be free to run around the 3D Downtown Dubai environment and collect randomly placed, reappearing cards, each worth a certain sum of DWRLD, the platform’s inner currency. The 15-minute quests will take place every 48 hours for two weeks, and will be available to registered users who have downloaded the game for free from the DecentWorld website.

The 3D gaming environment is a digital interpretation of the city of Dubai, beloved by users since its launch in August 2022. The 3D Downtown Dubai metaverse represents a substantial enhancement of the company’s original product⁠—a two-dimensional geo-based Map that allows players to navigate the world and collect virtual real estate as part of an outstanding Web3 experience.

Inclusive at Its Core

DecentWorld’s creators claim that the minigame took quite some time to develop, even though it seems relatively straightforward in practice. According to the developers, they wanted to ensure that the game’s mechanics were exciting enough to attract new users, while still being entertaining for the existing community.

“We based our logic on two core principles: ensuring that the chances of winning are equal for everybody, and establishing rewards based on skill, rather than anything else. We feel this is the best feature to incentivize users to discover our platform and experiment with our economy,” the project team shared.

The 3D environment is open to anyone and everyone interested in exploring the possibilities offered by the virtual realm. The team made the deliberate decision to launch the platform on PC and Mac, enabling users to access and engage with the metaverse through their computers.

We wanted to be inclusive by allowing anyone to join our metaverse, even if they don’t have a VR headset at their disposal. We know that the metaverse is still a relatively novel idea for the masses, and the hardware has a long way to go before it’s where it needs to be. When it does catch up though, I am confident that it will bring about a real breakthrough in the technology sector,” the game creators said.

The prime goal of DecentWorld is to develop a virtual world in which users can participate in a variety of activities. In the team’s vision, people will be able to use the metaverse platform to work, play, shop, socialize, and even co-create, to name just a few activities.

More Games and a Bigger Marketplace

The exciting event is DecentWorld’s first entertaining, interactive activity, but will certainly not be the last, with the creative team already working on its next big feature.

“We are working to implement even more game mechanics to our 3D Downtown Dubai. More types of minigames are what we are aiming at: quizzes, more quests, player-versus-player duels, and such. We are really excited to bring these new activities to users,” the team explained.

The DecentWorld team is also preparing for its massive, upcoming 2.0 update, which is scheduled for release in the next quarter. Soon, in addition to the popular digital Streets, the database will be updated to make new Building Assets available for minting.

About DecentWorld

DecentWorld is a Swiss metaverse digital real estate platform built on blockchain technology to introduce a next-generation Web3 experience. The platform allows members to mint and trade digital Street NFTs, which can then be combined into Collections. Completed and staked Collections have additional value as they generate yield that is paid out to the owner. Using state-of-the-art security features, DecentWorld also stands for trust and transparency in the blockchain industry.

To fully explore our metaverse, please visit www.decentworld.com.

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Liza, Metaverse Guide at DecentWorld

Liza is a self-made, web3 visionary who is passionate about blockchain opportunities. Her main objective is to help you navigate 3D Downtown Dubai and be your virtual companion. Liza becomes easily bored with repetition, so she’s grateful that she's always meeting new people, helping them discover the wonders of DecentWorld, and attending awe-inspiring Web3 conferences. Liza resides in Decent Khalifa, and enjoys going on scooter rides around the virtual city. She is currently working on some very exciting projects and collaborations for the next quarter. Join her in 3D Downtown Dubai and explore the majestic metropolis together!

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