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DecentWorld 2.0 Spotlight: Buildings

One of the key features of our new 2.0 update is the inclusion of Buildings. With close to 62 million Buildings up for grabs, there is ample reason to be excited. The additional digital real estate type in our metaverse will open new possibilities for diversifying your digital Assets. It will also grant rewards to users who have Streets in their portfolios. 

One of our main underlying goals is to shape the future of property ownership. With that in mind, Streets were never the end goal but rather a starting point. With this ambitious update, we didn’t just increase the scope; we also overhauled the peer-to-peer economy inside DecentWorld.

Buildings vs. Streets

As a metaverse platform, we have always worked to incorporate big data into our scope. For a truly immersive virtual experience, it was always a given that we would continue to expand DecentWorld’s frontiers. 

With 2.0, the previous gallery of 18.5 million Streets has been expanded to close to 62 million Buildings. DecentWorld’s first NFT Asset class was Streets. Owners of multiple Streets can combine them to create a new container type of NFT in the form of Collections. The latter allows users to stake NFTs and generate yield.

Royalty System

Although both Streets and Buildings are their own stand-alone digital Assets, we wanted to establish a clear connection between them. Early adopters who have Streets in their portfolios should pay attention to the new Street Royalty reward system. 

The way it works is the following: the Buildings cannot be minted before the Street they are located on is minted. The owner of the Street which has new Buildings minted on it receives a 10 percent royalty. This royalty is included in the Building price and is paid automatically to the Street owner. With this, we wanted to reward early adopters who have been with the project from its beginning. 

The new mechanic makes the peer-to-peer economy in our community even more advanced. 

Future Steps

We do not intend to stop at Buildings. The next step in DecentWorld’s evolution will introduce other NFT Asset types. Valuable property like other types of real estate, such as apartments, as well as vehicles, fine jewelry, and art will all become available with the next iterations of our ever-expanding metaverse! 

What will be your first Building? Some famous landmark, or perhaps your own house? Hurry, before someone snatches it up!

Your Metaverse Guide,

Liza, Metaverse Guide at DecentWorld

Liza is a self-made, web3 visionary who is passionate about blockchain opportunities. Her main objective is to help you navigate 3D Downtown Dubai and be your virtual companion. Liza becomes easily bored with repetition, so she’s grateful that she's always meeting new people, helping them discover the wonders of DecentWorld, and attending awe-inspiring Web3 conferences. Liza resides in Decent Khalifa, and enjoys going on scooter rides around the virtual city. She is currently working on some very exciting projects and collaborations for the next quarter. Join her in 3D Downtown Dubai and explore the majestic metropolis together!

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