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DecentWorld 2.0 Spotlight: EOS Wallets And Compatibility With Ethereum

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology is now more prevalent on the DecentWorld platform than ever before with the EOS wallet and EOS to Ethereum ramp integration. This is an important step to make your user experience easier and more streamlined and to make sure that you own all of your digital assets. 

EOS wallet integration 

One of the key benefits of integrating EOS wallets into DecentWorld is that it makes our metaverse a hybrid system. This means that both users with limited to no knowledge about blockchain technology and web3-savvy blockchain enthusiasts can now easily access the platform. We hope those of you who fall within the latter category will now feel more welcomed to have your foothold within DecentWorld. 

The EOS blockchain platform is shown to be able to process thousands of transactions per second. These specifics make it a great fit for our big-data-driven metaverse, which aims to deliver you a smooth and seamless user experience with future scalability in mind. 

The high level of security and decentralization that EOS offers were also key aspects in our decision to integrate EOS wallets. By doing so, we ensure DecentWorld stands on a solid and reliable foundation and your digital assets are safe and secure. 

EOS to Ethereum ramp 

Our new EOS wallet integration comes paired with an EOS to Ethereum ramp, which allows seamless and easy transfer of digital assets from one blockchain network to the other. This move will grant you more control over your virtual assets by providing flexibility in how and where you store them. Additionally, this will make our metaverse economy a more robust and diverse one. Other platforms, such as OpenSea, will become accessible for you to trade and exchange your NFTs on.  

We are very proud of the level of freedom, control, and security that comes with our newest update. These changes have been implemented with future platform scalability in mind. DecentWorld is designed to bring the future closer to our community and beyond, and we are eager to see how you utilize these new features!

Your Metaverse Guide,

Liza, Metaverse Guide at DecentWorld

Liza is a self-made, web3 visionary who is passionate about blockchain opportunities. Her main objective is to help you navigate 3D Downtown Dubai and be your virtual companion. Liza becomes easily bored with repetition, so she’s grateful that she's always meeting new people, helping them discover the wonders of DecentWorld, and attending awe-inspiring Web3 conferences. Liza resides in Decent Khalifa, and enjoys going on scooter rides around the virtual city. She is currently working on some very exciting projects and collaborations for the next quarter. Join her in 3D Downtown Dubai and explore the majestic metropolis together!

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