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Creator Economy

It’s most likely that you already know what the creator economy looks like. In places like YouTube and Instagram, thousands and thousands of individuals and brands produce content every day and get paid for their efforts by advertisers and sponsors.

The metaverse will be no different, hosting a whole new economy of creators crafting exclusive experiences that users pay for, or they may take a leaf out of the book of video game creators who discovered that there is money to be made from in-game purchases. Players have shown an incredible willingness to pay for optional extras that make their avatars stand out from the crowd. It’s a racing certainty that this kind of model will also work in the metaverse.

It’s also likely that NFTS will be involved, to add an extra layer of exclusivity that makes items more valuable and also guarantees to validate ownership. The creator economy is a new industry that is likely to be worth billions of dollars before too long.