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3D World Expands in Size and Available Activities

DecentWorld’s Downtown Dubai has always been an artistic interpretation of the real world. It harmoniously blends existing landmarks with visionary structures that exist only in the realm of possibility, all while infusing its own distinctive DecentWord touch. The new expansion seamlessly integrates with the previously available 3D areas, offering a perfect backdrop for the latest activities that accompany this thrilling update, while almost doubling the size of our 3D world.

Airdrop is the first of the new games coming to the 3D metaverse. The game introduces a new boost mechanic that can radically change how your avatar behaves. Unleash the power of speed, take gravity-defying leaps, or equip yourself with a handy jetpack—these incredible bonuses shape your character’s journey throughout the 3D environment for three minutes each time they are activated. And yes, this does mean that a cleverly timed Jetpack booster might become your ace in the hole during a round of Plasma Maze. Players wishing to acquire these exciting boosters need to hunt down booster-chips that are dropped off by drones and bring them to newly installed booster machines. Be careful though, as other players might try to steal the chip you’re carrying to get the boost for themselves. 

Cart Race is the second of the two new games. Gather your friends as this new addition is the first game in DecentWorld’s catalog that requires a minimum of two players to be playable. Climb aboard golf carts and face off against up to three opponents in a thrilling race through a series of checkpoints. With only three minutes on the clock, your mission is to clear all the checkpoints beating both the opposition and the clock.

Lots of exciting new boosters, places to see and races to win await in Downtown Dubai, so hurry and try it out for yourselves!

Your Metaverse Guide,

Liza, Metaverse Guide at DecentWorld

Liza is a self-made, web3 visionary who is passionate about blockchain opportunities. Her main objective is to help you navigate 3D Downtown Dubai and be your virtual companion. Liza becomes easily bored with repetition, so she’s grateful that she's always meeting new people, helping them discover the wonders of DecentWorld, and attending awe-inspiring Web3 conferences. Liza resides in Decent Khalifa, and enjoys going on scooter rides around the virtual city. She is currently working on some very exciting projects and collaborations for the next quarter. Join her in 3D Downtown Dubai and explore the majestic metropolis together!

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