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Where does yield come from?

The yield on DecentWorld is generated via completed and staked Collections.

Overall, yield consists of 2 parts: Yield Subsidy and Commission Yield.

1. Yield Subsidy
– It is a temporary reward for the early users;
– The subsidy is paid from the DecentWorld Subsidy Fund (2 Billion DWRLD tokens), based on the Collection type;
– The subsidy will end once the Subsidy Fund is finished;
– Once the Subsidy Fund is used out, Collections will generate yield via the Yearly Yield rates only.

2. Commission Yield
– It is a permanent reward for our users;
– Will be paid only after the Yield Subsidy is depleted;
– Commission Yield is paid out from the 50% of fees generated by DecentWorld (the fees on DecentWorld are collected from trading, Asset sales & any other transactions within the platform).