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What does ‘owning’ virtual Streets mean and how does it work?

Streets within DecentWorld are represented by non-fungible NFTs tokens (meaning that each is unique and cannot be replicated) that track ownership on the EOSIO blockchain. Street NFTs are digital Assets that can be traded with other users, like other digital Assets. Thus, the multiple owner approach could hurt Asset (Street or Collection) NFT value, and some NFTs could be left abandoned or undervalued, which could jeopardize the user experience overall. Furthermore, NFT are indivisible. Every Street has unique ID, QR code, geolocation, Asset level, address, coordinates, geolocation, image and security features. Ownership is proved with a Certificate. Assets could be resold in the secondary market by the owner. Users get ownership of virtual properties on a blockchain-based ledger of parcels. They have full control over their virtual property to trade, exchange, gift or stake their digital Assets.