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What are Streets and their types?

Street is a non-fungible digital Asset – an NFT. Every Street has its unique geolocation and other qualities that make it valuable. The main difference in DecentWorld between the Basic, Standard, Premium, and Elite Streets is the value of these Assets. Different Street levels were chosen to accord to various real world factors, such as the real estate price, available shopping amenities, etc. Our R&D team has applied various techniques in researching and applying the Street levels to our DecentWorld Assets, and our System Admin team is constantly monitoring the map and updating it. Elite Assets have more benefits compared to other Assets. First of all, Elite Streets are priced significantly higher for the business potential they have. Secondly, Elite Collections will have higher staking yields, so – greater return. Elite Assets should be more desirable on the P2P Market for those same reasons, therefore having higher returns when selling.