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How can I sell my NFT Asset (Street or Collection)?

To do so, go to the Marketplace, switch the toggle to “Show My Assets,” and then click “Sell” next to an Asset you want to put on the market. There, you can also put your desired price. Once you decide to put your Assets up for sale, they will appear in the Marketplace. You can find them all under My Markets section.
If you receive an offer on your Asset, you simply either accept the suggested price or ignore the offer. If you accept the price, your NFT is effectively sold and you will receive funds to your DWRLD wallet.
You are free to decide whether you want to sell your Assets to other users and for how much. You are also free to ignore any offers that don’t meet your expectations. You can freely bid on other user’s Assets for whatever price you see fit. It is a free market; we do not regulate it! The only prices set by DecentWorld are the initial NFT prices.
Note: DecentWorld is not involved in the monetization of your Assets and does not guarantee any return, profit or income. The success of our platform fully depends on the actions of our users!