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DecentWorld Launches New Spanish and Portuguese Metaverse Websites

DecentWorld’s most loyal followers may have already noticed that the website has become almost fully available in Spanish and Portuguese as the Swiss metaverse gaming platform seeks to service more users in different corners of the world. According to the team, the new functionality was a logical business step to improve accessibility for the ever-growing Latin American user base. 

The platform is based on a one-to-one copy of the real world in which all streets can be minted as NFTs. Currently, users are able to become the owner of any Street in the world, either through the Primary or Secondary Marketplace, and can combine their Assets into Collections, which, when staked, can generate yield.

“We are thrilled to see the immense growth in the popularity of Web3, especially in Latin America. The usage of the new technology stands to increase by up to 400% in the region, which means that the demand and interest in the metaverse experience will only grow with time. This opportunity encourages businesses and individuals to invest their resources in the industry, so as not to miss out on its potential, and thereby gain a head-start,” the team shared.

In addition to allowing users to mint Streets as NFTs, DecentWorld is also planning to further enrich its 3D environment with various mini-games and quests.

The platform has just launched its first 3D quest game, which allows players to run around Downtown Dubai and collect reappearing cards, each of which is worth a certain sum of DWRLD, the platform’s inner currency. The creative team highlighted that this game is only the first on DecentWorld’s road to becoming an interactive, metaverse gaming platform.

“We are currently working on implementing more gaming elements into our 3D Downtown Dubai. Our goal is to launch even more distinct, engaging games for players to interact with, so they can spend their time fruitfully,” the team added.

One of the most alluring aspects of the metaverse concept is the fact that it has little to no real-world limits. Indeed, any idea can be created, implemented, and adjusted by the platform’s developers and 3D creators.

In its mission to transform not only the blockchain business, but also the way people own real estate, DecentWorld’s ultimate goal is to build a virtual world with real, tangible value. The company’s long-term vision is to create a metaverse platform where users can interact and participate in a variety of activities, such as work, games, shopping, and learning.

Liza, Metaverse Guide at DecentWorld

Liza is a self-made, web3 visionary who is passionate about blockchain opportunities. Her main objective is to help you navigate 3D Downtown Dubai and be your virtual companion. Liza becomes easily bored with repetition, so she’s grateful that she's always meeting new people, helping them discover the wonders of DecentWorld, and attending awe-inspiring Web3 conferences. Liza resides in Decent Khalifa, and enjoys going on scooter rides around the virtual city. She is currently working on some very exciting projects and collaborations for the next quarter. Join her in 3D Downtown Dubai and explore the majestic metropolis together!

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